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Mahe - Kerala / Puducherry region

Mahe - Kerala / Puducherry region

Our largest office in India is situated in Mahe (Kerala), a previous French colony area of Puducherry. It  is very well connected nationally and internationally with two International airports (Kannur and Kozhikode) closeby and has excellent road and train connectivity from bigger cities like Bengaluru, Kochi, Chennai and more.

This area of India is much westernised due to historic colonial influences. This lends itself to excellent communication and understanding between your Extended Team in Kerala and the clients they support in Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Strategic location for skills and accessibility

Strategic location for skills and accessibility

The area boasts a literacy rate of over 98% with many high quality accountants and IT professionals graduating from any of the hundreds of schools and professional colleges. It has 6 professional colleges within a 10km radius.

Some keys deciders for us to setup our office were;

  • High Literacy rate
  • Availability of highly skilled workers
  • High Quality English
  • Great international connectivity
Bengaluru / Bangalore

Bengaluru / Bangalore

Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru) is the IT capital of India and often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. It is the second fastest growing major metropolis of India with more than 10 million residents. India’s third busiest airport (always a great sign of economic activity) is located here and the region has one of the most highly educated populations in the world.

Our strategic presence in Bengaluru gives us a good domestic presence and allows us to access a larger pool of resources, including top tech talent who wish to remain in a busy metropolis.

Bengaluru is very short flight from Mahe. Travelling between the offices is easy via train and road network.

High Quality English

High Quality English

India boasts over 200 languages, however the language of our office is English. Within the Teams PLUS offices, all staff communicate through English. English lessons are an ongoing part of overall people development to ensure the highest standards of written and spoken communications. There is a big emphasis on people development in Teams PLUS.

Irish Owned with offices in Dublin & Cork

There’s no one like us in the Irish market. Having people on the ground in Dublin and Cork gives you comfort and security. We are easily accessible to the companies we work with. We know what your worries and concerns are because we lived those building our own team and shared those emotions again with the clients we work with.

Your business is the same as many others; you need work done; you want to be competitive in your market; you want to build profitability. We want to help you do that. We want to build lasting relationships and partnerships. We want your experience of building your Extended Team to be amazing, and we’re confident it will be.

Get in Touch with one of our Client Coordinators and learn how you business will benefit. Start small with just one team member, or test us out first to make sure you’re happy.

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