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A true extension of your local teams.
Better than offshoring.
More than outsourcing.

Extended Teams explained

We differentiate ourselves from other outsourcing companies in many ways. The main point of difference is our people. Our team members are experienced, qualified professionals who fit seamlessly into your organisation. We focus on staff retention and upskilling our team, ensuring your business gets the best results from us – consistently.

When you engage with Teams PLUS, we work with you to assess what you need and then match your requirements with the most suitable team members from Teams PLUS – extending your team. Whether they are based in Ireland or India, you will manage this extended team, their tasks and hours of work.

We look after everything else – from payroll and staff contracts to hardware and any required software licences. For an affordable monthly fee, you get access to the staff you need, when you need it. No hidden extras, no complications – just a focus on helping your business scale.

Decades of auditing experience

Decades of auditing experience

Unlike other outsourcing companies, financial services is in our DNA. Our business grew from a business exactly like yours, with ambitious growth goals and a no nonsense approach to business. Over the last 10 years, Teams PLUS has gone from strength to strength. We now employ over 150 team members across Ireland and India.

Choosing the right Financial Services Outsourcing Partner is important when scaling your business.

You need transparency, trust and above all a partner who understands your business and can anticipate what your team requires.

We understand the challenges that scale brings – we’ve been there and have the battle scars (and experience) to prove it. Not only that, our team can help you navigate this journey, having travelled along this path before.

We only partner with businesses where we feel we can add real value, efficiencies and cost savings. Whether you are looking to grow and scale your accountancy practice, run a finance team or simply looking to bolster your back office support team – we can help.

How it works

How it works

The industry is changing and we know you have ambitious growth goals. This ever-increasing pace of change brings many challenges, but your ability to increase resources when needed does not have to be one of them.

It starts with you.

Once you register with Teams PLUS, we will appoint a dedicated account manager, based in Ireland to understand your requirements. This includes the role, the culture of your organisation, the structure of any SLAs and finally, the reporting requirements. This information is then collated and we match your requirements to our resources internally. Our clients will be able to get to know the team members we have put forward before any work is assigned. We ensure that our team members are fully accredited and as an experienced member of our team, they are familiar with relevant software and procedures that most Irish organisations use.

Dedicated Team Members

When suitable team members have been successfully identified and agreed upon, we focus on the onboarding process. This ensures the smooth transition into your business and you benefit by getting the results you need fast. We work continuously with you, via your account manager to ensure that everything you need is provided for. Whether they are based in Ireland or India – they are a dedicated resource for your organisation and go through a rigorous screening process, ensuring they are fully accredited and your data is secure.

Benefits of the Extended Team Model

  • Highly skilled accounting and auditing experts
  • No recruitment fees
  • High staff retention (over 90%)
  • GDPR compliant
  • Secure IT system
  • Dedicated resource
  • No employment contractual obligations

  • Flexible resources readily available
  • Reduce staff costs by up to 70%
  • You can focus on more profitable work
  • Scale your Team to meet business requirements
  • 24 X 7 Operations
  • No upfront investment
  • Transparent Payroll Model

Proof of Concept

Teams PLUS is an extension of Contracting PLUS, a niche accountancy and tax practice working exclusively to support independent professional contractors operating through Umbrella Companies. Over 10 years ago, we realised the benefits of having an extended team of professionals who could perform important, yet low-value work at a cost that kept us competitive in our market.

We created our own “Extended Team” with a team of highly skilled and accredited individuals. They looked after processing back-office accounting transactions which empowered the rest of the team in Ireland to focus on higher-value work and client-facing activity.

Some of our partners saw the success we were having with this model and asked us to provide the same structure for them, and so Teams PLUS was born. Today there are three or four Extended Team members behind every client-facing employee in our Contracting PLUS business and more than 150 extended team workers servicing our clients. They work seamlessly, commuting multiple times a day through video calls, instant messaging and collaborative work spaces.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

At Teams PLUS we invest in the ongoing professional and personal development of our people. This helps us retain the best people and ensures that your extended team is delivering the best possible experience, through quality of service, compliance and innovation.

It’s no secret that having the right people around at the right time is one of the key ingredients for the success of any business. However, finding, hiring and retaining the best people is one of the most challenging tasks business-owners face today.

Teams PLUS solves this challenge and empowers you to focus on the growth of your business.

What makes this different to outsourcing

We differentiate ourselves from other outsourcing companies in many ways. Ultimately, it’s our people who truly set us apart from the competition. Our team in both Ireland and India have worked together for over ten years in many cases. This long standing relationship with our team, ensures a longstanding and trusted relationship with our clients.

The team that you will work with are part of ours – they have worked in our business ensuring that they are tried and tested in an organisation similar to yours. Ambitious growth demands the best team members and we have over 150 of them in both Ireland and India.

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