Extended Projects

For companies who need
once-off projects completed quickly.
Our team of accredited, accounting and auditing experts work efficiently without compromising on quality.

Our team of accredited, accounting and auditing experts work efficiently without compromising on quality.

Delivering critical projects

Occasionally, you may need to build a team (or expand your existing team) for a particular project.

This might last a few weeks or months, but you know that it is critical to your business strategy and profitability. The risk, costs and time of finding and hiring additional resources in house can often prove to be the main hurdle preventing you from moving forward.

Extended Projects from Teams PLUS, enables you to get work done based on your requirements – quickly. This option differs from our Extended Teams service, as it involves team members who are selected internally by us, based on their skillset. This benefits clients who need work completed quickly by accredited professionals and perhaps do not have the luxury of being part of the selection of the individual team members.

Fast Delivery by accounting and auditing experts

Set up for success

We will appoint a dedicated account manager who will work with you to map out your requirements. You just tell us what you need done and by when. Based on this information, we will set our agreed processes and outcomes; (what has to be done and by when). We refer to this as the “Work Instruction”. It ensures full clarity for everyone on the team and you know what is expected and when.

Quality, but quickly

Clients who select this option from Teams PLUS need a project started fast! With over ten years working with clients, we have a team with the required skill-sets and accreditations already on board. This means we can fast track the creations of a qualified and accredited team that are ready to work on your project. Depending on the work and expertise required we can have your project up and running in a matter of days.

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