It’s time to Bench
the “Bench”

While many outsourcing companies use the “Bench” outsourcing model, a new departure ensures quality is built in.

What is it?

The “bench” refers to the outsourcing provider’s in-house team. The team is selected by the provider but the client’s choice of who works on their project is limited to the bench available. Benches have high turnover and their members are re-deployed as soon as one project is finished. If your preferred team member isn’t available, then you must settle for a new person. Starting afresh. Every single time.

A new outsourcing model

Our approach offers a departure from the bench outsourcing model by providing clients with greater control over the selection of team members. Teams PLUS works closely with clients to identify and recruit highly skilled professionals who meet the specific requirements of the project. This approach ensures that clients have access to a dedicated and experienced team, rather than having to settle for whoever happens to be available on the provider’s bench. It also saves the clients time and money as they do not have to manage the recruitment process.

Furthermore, our approach typically results in higher levels of engagement and loyalty from team members, as they feel valued and invested in the success of the project. This can lead to greater productivity and higher quality outcomes for the client. Our retention rate is significantly higher than other outsourcing companies – 97% in fact.

Overall, the Teams PLUS approach represents a more client-centric and collaborative outsourcing model, where quality and excellence is prioritised.

Your Irish Outsourcing Partner
– Specialising in Accounting and Auditing Services

Teams PLUS is an Irish outsourcing company, specialising in accounting and auditing services. We match your needs with qualified and experienced team members, sourced specifically for you and based in our state-of-the-art office in India. With robust security protocols, ISO certification and fully GDPR compliant, the integrity of your data is always assured.

We differ from bench outsourcing models, in that our members work exclusively with you, as an extension of your local team. This means you get the work you want delivered the way you want it. Experienced and highly qualified, they hit the ground running and you are guaranteed quality work, continuity of service and the ability to scale your business without the cost and commitment of hiring permanent staff.

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