Outsourcing Myths

Change is constant and as such, every organisation works hard to keep ahead of the competition, implementing investment and expansion strategies to fuel growth. 

Many practices are taking control by outsourcing the more repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time with clients and grow their business profitably. However, there are some practices that are being left behind and missing out on the benefits of outsourcing because of mistaken beliefs (or myths).

Are these myths true?

(Spoiler alert: No!)

There are numerous benefits of incorporating an outsourcing partner into your talent acquisition strategy to achieve ambitious growth goals without sacrificing client service and delivery.

Myth #1: Low quality for a low cost

This is not true at all. In fact, our clients have access to talent and experience, at a lower cost. The members of Teams PLUS go through our rigorous screening process (ensuring only the top talent is retained). We vet each and every Teams PLUS staff member and look after the costs of recruitment, payroll, insurance etc. This not only saves you on costs, but time as well. We manage everything and when you engage with a Teams PLUS member, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

Myth #2: Hidden costs and fees are randomly added

Our pricing is fully transparent, giving you complete financial control and full transparency. When you hire a new member of staff (if you can find them and successfully hire them), these people can take time to train up as they may not be as experienced as you would have hoped. When you work with Teams PLUS, you get to work with a dedicated and experienced member who can “hit the ground running” and what’s more, you only pay for work delivered – there are no training or payroll fees. In addition, this team member works solely with your practice, so you never lose the valuable knowledge you have instilled – and when you grow the team, you already have a team member embedded in the processes and systems.

Myth #3: It’s risky to hire an outsourcing resource as they can just leave

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce, not increase risk!  Nothing in life is certain, but if you can reduce risk, that’s really a major win for your organisation. Despite the most rigorous recruitment processes, your new hire is not a tried and tested resource. Teams PLUS, on the other hand, carefully selects each and every member, creating a team who can service your client needs to a high standard and cost effective rate. Match the resources that you need to get the job or task you have done.

Your Irish Outsourcing Partner
– Specialising in Accounting and Auditing Services

Teams PLUS is an Irish outsourcing company, specialising in accounting and auditing services. We match your needs with qualified and experienced team members, sourced specifically for you and based in our state-of-the-art office in India. With robust security protocols, ISO certification and fully GDPR compliant, the integrity of your data is always assured.

We differ from bench outsourcing models, in that our members work exclusively with you, as an extension of your local team. This means you get the work you want delivered the way you want it. Experienced and highly qualified, they hit the ground running and you are guaranteed quality work, continuity of service and the ability to scale your business without the cost and commitment of hiring permanent staff.

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